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There is a list of medications containing "Fluconazole" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers (see "References"):

The first trade name of products Lists of Fluconazole medicines The last trade name of products
Abizole Abizole - Alcan Alcan
Alfa Tab Alfa Tab - Antizole Antizole
Apfu Apfu - Bardflu Bardflu
Baxter Fluconazole Baxter Fluconazole - Bukwang Fluconazole Bukwang Fluconazole
Cadifluzol Cadifluzol - Candimax Candimax
Candinajol Candinajol - Canesten Oral Canesten Oral
Canex-DT Canex-DT - Celozol Celozol
Chemists' Own Femazole One Chemists' Own Femazole One - Conaz Conaz
Conazole Conazole - Dalrich Dalrich
Danakhan Danakhan - Diconazol Diconazol
Diflazon Diflazon - Difluzol (Dar Essaydali Laboratoire) Difluzol (Dar Essaydali Laboratoire)
Difluzol (Stada) Difluzol (Stada) - Docon Docon
Dotex Dotex - Esporil Esporil
Evcon Evcon - FCon FCon
F-Conaz F-Conaz - Fixdose Fixdose
Fizalac Fizalac - Flocosh Flocosh
Flolex Flolex - Flubrat Flubrat
Fluc Fluc - Flucanol Flucanol
Flucanyl Flucanyl - Flucid (Arafarma Group) Flucid (Arafarma Group)
Flucid (Will Impex) Flucid (Will Impex) - Flucobiotech Flucobiotech
Flucocaps Flucocaps - Flucol Flucol
Flucolcid Flucolcid - Flucon (Farmavita) Flucon (Farmavita)
Flucon (NIC Pharma) Flucon (NIC Pharma) - Fluconan Fluconan
Fluconasole Fluconasole - Fluconazol (Aristo Pharma) Fluconazol (Aristo Pharma)
Fluconazol (Aurochem Laboratories) Fluconazol (Aurochem Laboratories) - Fluconazol (Centre Specialites Pharmaceutiques) Fluconazol (Centre Specialites Pharmaceutiques)
Fluconazol (Ciclum Farma) Fluconazol (Ciclum Farma) - Fluconazol (Expofarma) Fluconazol (Expofarma)
Fluconazol (Farmachif) Fluconazol (Farmachif) - Fluconazol (HanAll BioPharma) Fluconazol (HanAll BioPharma)
Fluconazol (Helvepharm) Fluconazol (Helvepharm) - Fluconazol (Kimiceg Laboratorios) Fluconazol (Kimiceg Laboratorios)
Fluconazol (Kwality Pharmaceuticals) Fluconazol (Kwality Pharmaceuticals) - Fluconazol (Mabo-Farma) Fluconazol (Mabo-Farma)
Fluconazol (Marck Biosciences) Fluconazol (Marck Biosciences) - Fluconazol (Nifa Laboratorios) Fluconazol (Nifa Laboratorios)
Fluconazol (Northia Medicinales) Fluconazol (Northia Medicinales) - Fluconazol (Prati-Donaduzzi) Fluconazol (Prati-Donaduzzi)
Fluconazol (Profonsa) Fluconazol (Profonsa) - Fluconazol (Simed Jimenez Yepez) Fluconazol (Simed Jimenez Yepez)
Fluconazol (SM Pharma) Fluconazol (SM Pharma) - Fluconazol (Wexford Laboratories) Fluconazol (Wexford Laboratories)
Fluconazol (Zentiva) Fluconazol (Zentiva) - Fluconazole (Ahn-Gook Pharmaceutical) Fluconazole (Ahn-Gook Pharmaceutical)
Fluconazole (Almus) Fluconazole (Almus) - Fluconazole (Blenheim Pharmacal) Fluconazole (Blenheim Pharmacal)
Fluconazole (Bristol Laboratories) Fluconazole (Bristol Laboratories) - Fluconazole (Flamingo Pharmaceuticals) Fluconazole (Flamingo Pharmaceuticals)
Fluconazole (Fuji Pharma) Fluconazole (Fuji Pharma) - Fluconazole (IVAX) Fluconazole (IVAX)
Fluconazole (Kent Pharmaceuticals) Fluconazole (Kent Pharmaceuticals) - Fluconazole (Nizhpharm) Fluconazole (Nizhpharm)
Fluconazole (Novell Pharmaceutical Laboratories) Fluconazole (Novell Pharmaceutical Laboratories) - Fluconazole (Rebel Distributors Corporation) Fluconazole (Rebel Distributors Corporation)
Fluconazole (Renaudin Laboratoire) Fluconazole (Renaudin Laboratoire) - Fluconazole (Tai Guk Pharm) Fluconazole (Tai Guk Pharm)
Fluconazole (Technolog) Fluconazole (Technolog) - Fluconazole (Zydus Pharmaceuticals) Fluconazole (Zydus Pharmaceuticals)
Fluconazole in Dextrose 5% in plastic container Fluconazole in Dextrose 5% in plastic container - Fluconazole Redibag Fluconazole Redibag
Fluconazol-Gry Fluconazol-Gry - Fluconazolo Fluconazolo
Fluconazolo Redibag Fluconazolo Redibag - Flucoral Flucoral
Flucorem Flucorem - Flucostat Flucostat
Flucosyd Flucosyd - Flucoxan Flucoxan
Fluco-Z Fluco-Z - Fludar Fludar
Fluderm Fluderm - Fluga Fluga
Flugem Flugem - Fluknazol Fluknazol
Flukolol Flukolol - Flumax Flumax
Flumet Flumet - Flunate Flunate
Flunaz Flunaz - Fluno Fluno
Flunol Flunol - Fluron Fluron
Flurries Flurries - Flutal Flutal
Flutaur Flutaur - Fluxar Fluxar
Fluxilase Fluxilase - Fluzo-DT Fluzo-DT
Fluzol Fluzol - Foflu Foflu
F-One F-One - Fuconazol Fuconazol
Fugazol Fugazol - Funcan Funcan
Fundid Fundid - Fungicip Fungicip
Fungid Fungid - Fungiva Fungiva
Fungix Fungix - Funiz Funiz
Funnie Funnie - Furuzonar Furuzonar
Fusys-DT Fusys-DT - F-Zole F-Zole
Genazole Genazole - Helmicin Helmicin
Hif Hif - Jamp-Fluconazole Jamp-Fluconazole
Jorcan Jorcan - Koni Koni
Kozole Kozole - Loflu Loflu
Loitin Loitin - Magzol Magzol
Mar-Fluconazole Mar-Fluconazole - Miconex Miconex
Micozole Micozole - Myconyl Myconyl
Mycorest Mycorest - NBozole NBozole
Neocon Neocon - Nomfluc Nomfluc
Notocan Notocan - One Can One Can
Ongicil Ongicil - Periplum Periplum
Pharmacy Choice Fluconazole Pharmacy Choice Fluconazole - Proseda-F Proseda-F
Pulcon Pulcon - Rockon Rockon
Rotazol Rotazol - Shuai Ke Feng Shuai Ke Feng
Sinflucy Sinflucy - Suprimase Duo Suprimase Duo
Syfun Syfun - Topcan Topcan
Treflucan Treflucan - Trust Femzole Trust Femzole
Ucan Ucan - Vinfem Vinfem
Von-F Von-F - Youcozol Youcozol
Zamflex Zamflex - Zoflutec Zoflutec
Zol Zol - Zym-Fluconazole Zym-Fluconazole

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